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UPDATE!! - We are on hold while we try to raise funds to build the system.  Check back frequently and give us your ideas for developing.  Thanks!


Mobile Pet Records is a project with a very important primary objective....IMPROVE PET HEALTHCARE  when owners are traveling with their pet and in after-hours emergencies.  The system we're building will make your pet's COMPLETE MEDICAL RECORD available to the veterinarian treating your pet in these situations.

Veterinarians will agree almost unanimously that having the patient history provided by the medical records can be very beneficial and in some cases critical to making timely testing and treatment decisions.  Until we get this system built and launched there is just no service that accomplishes what we will offer. 

If you are a pet lover and travel with your pet or have had to visit an emergency veterinarian with your pet you very likely appreciate  the value of this service.  By pre-purchasing a life-time subscription you will play an integral part in helping us build and launch a service that may help save many pets, quite possibly your own.

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